You are currently viewing DAAD Workshop 3 Vienna | 8.–9. Nov. 2021

DAAD Workshop 3 | Borders and Interactions. Monastic Regions, Cult Centers and Pilgrimages

Medieval monasteries and their connections shaped monastic landscapes, but they also served as indicators of political, social and economic structures of regions. The workshop “Borders and Interactions: Monastic Regions, Cult Centers and Pilgrimages” (originally planned for spring 2020, postponed to November 2021 due to the pandemic) focused on these spatial dimensions, emerging networks and individual case studies from Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to the insight gained into completed and ongoing interdisciplinary research projects, the discussions that took place during the workshop as well as during the guided visit to mendicant friaries in Vienna (in the afternoon of the last day of the event) were an enriching opportunity to engage in exchange with researchers from Budapest, Heidelberg, Munich, Prague, and Vienna.

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