Medieval and Macabre – Images of Death in Fifteenth Century Bohemia

In this interview, Daniela Rywikova talks about her book ‘Spectrum Mortis, The Image of Death in Late Medieval Bohemian Painting’.  She considers how the people of Bohemia in the medieval period thought about death, represented death, prepared for their own death, and how the worlds of the living dead and the dead were compressed together in ways which are quite different from our own, modern approach to death and dying.

Daniela Rywikova is Associate Professor at the University of Ostrava.

This podcast is part of the series of podcasts for  the CEU Department of Medieval Studies and MECERN.

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The Herders of Korčula: A study of a socio-professional community in Fifteenth Century Dalmatia.

In this interview, Fabian Kümmeler talks about his on-going research into the socio-professional community of herders on the island of Korčula in Venetian Dalmatia, in the fifteenth century. Based on largely neglected archival holdings from the Croatian State Archive in Zadar, which include business contracts, records of litigation and dispute resolution, Fabian describes how the herding business functioned, who was involved, the legal environment and how it was enforced. Together they offer a fascinating window into the daily life of the herders and their fellow islanders in 15th century.

Fabian Kümmeler is the APART-GSK Fellow at the Austrian Academy of Sciences and Principal Investigator of a project on “Pastoral Communities in Southeast Europe, 1400–1600”.

This podcast is part of a series for the CEU Department of Medieval Studies and MECERN.

Love, Marriage and Litigation in Fifteenth Century Bohemia.

In this interview, Michaela Antonin Malaníková discusses the marital disputes which resulted in litigation before ecclesiastical and municipal courts in the Bohemian lands, 1300 – 1500. She considers the general approach to marriage in the period, the different roles taken by the courts, and how the two juridical systems worked in harmony; she also discusses individual cases of alleged bigamy, mis-understood flirtation, pre-nuptial agreements and dissolution of marriage.

Michaela Antonín Malaníková is Assistant Professor in the Department of History, Faculty of Arts at Palacký University, Olomouc, Czech Republic.

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Rulers and Rulership in the Arc of Medieval Europe, 1000-1200.

In this interview, Christian Raffensperger  discusses his current research and forthcoming book Rulers and Rulership in the Arc of Medieval Europe, 1000-1200. The ‘arc’ refers to a vast area from Iberia through Scandinavia, central Europe and Rus to Byzantium. In this work, he challenges the traditional construction of medieval Europe and its focus on England and France, while viewing other parts of Europe as ‘peripheral and other’. Christian also challenges the approach of medieval European research delineated by modern nation states, titles, and academic constructs.

Christian Raffensperger is Professor and Chair of the Department of History, Kenneth E. Wray Chair in the Humanities, Wittenberg University, USA.

A Military Analysis of the ‘Iron Gate’ Defence against the Ottoman Invasion of Hungary in the Fourteenth Century.

In this interview, Jason Snider talks about his research into the defence of the Kingdom of Hungary by the Teutonic Knights.  He considers the defensive strategy from a military perspective and poses the question of why it failed.

Jason Snider is a Ph.D. student at the Central Europe University.

This podcast is part of the ‘New Faces, New Ideas’ series in which Ph.D. students in the CEU Department of Medieval Studies talk about their current research and future ambitions. 

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Pecchinoli and Capistrano

Antonin Kalous of Palacký University, Olomouc, is interviewed by Karen Culver. Antonin’s research mainly concerns late medieval religious processes and important figures from Central Europe.

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