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CfP: Pomerania, Prussia and their neighbours throughout history – International Conference

When? 18th–19th April 2024

Where? University of Gdansk, Poland

On behalf of the organising committee, we would like to invite you to apply for participation in the international conference “Pomerania, Prussia and their neighbours throughout history”. The event is scheduled for 18-19th April 2024 and will take place at the Faculty of History of the University of Gdansk in Gdansk, Poland. The subject of the discussions will be the regional history of Pomerania and Prussia in a broad sense, as well as their affiliations with neighbouring lands.

The lands of Pomerania and Prussia, that consists of the southern coastlines of the Baltic Sea, are intertwined with common geography, nature, and have been influenced by the same civilizational spheres. At the same time, they were taken up by closely connected political bodies.

The fate of Pomerania and Prussia depended also on the neighbouring lands, both inland and on the other side of the sea. Relations ran along rivers and river-basin lines as well as sea routes. These lands remained under the influence of different cultures, were part of great empires and short-lived structures of power. The local population was affected by various migratory phenomena. Pomeranian and Prussian families had their own family connections and careers in the world. The daily life of the inhabitants of these lands was similar to that of their neighbours, although it also had its own characteristics. The local settlement network and architecture have many threads coming from other sites.

We welcome students, doctors, and young scholars of Historical, Archaeological and Art sciences and other related fields to present their research in the wide range of the conference topics. Local, regional, and cross-regional history is a wide problem area. We are open to subject and speech topics proposals. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

The official languages of the conference are Polish and English – speech language is selected by the presentation speaker while submitting the abstract. The conference is an in-person event, the organisers will make a selection of submitted abstracts. Estimated time of the speech is up to 20 minutes. The conference fee for speakers is 50 PLN. For international participants conference organisers are providing the accommodation in Gdansk and cover the costs of train transportation (2nd class) to and from Gdansk. There will be an issued publication of post-conference materials in both languages – guidelines for authors will be sent along with confirmation of acceptance of participation, and the finished article should be sent by 10th May 2024.

Please send the attached application form by email on: titled “Conference application” by 1st March 2024.


  • Historians’ Scientific Circle of University of Gdansk
  • Prof. Dr. habil. Beata Możejko, Memling Research Centre, University of Gdansk
  • PhD Julia Możdżeń, Department of Medieval History of Poland and Auxiliary Sciences of History, University of Gdansk

Historians’ Scientific Circle of University of Gdansk


For more information, please see the attached CfP in total. 

CfP: Pomerania, Prussia and their neighbours throughout history